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Intellimate ImageIntellimate, provides roadside to in-vehicle connectivity via Radio Frequency technology and forms a driver alert system for all manner of critical driving conditions. The system comprises two high quality-low cost products that when paired aim to save lives and reduce incidences of death and trauma on roads worldwide.

This iniative has the ability to highlight School Zones, Black Spots, Emergency Vehicles, Rest Areas, Crash sites, Road-work Zones, Road Safety Campaign trailers/signs, , Railway Crossings and Approaching Trains et al;

The in-vehicle unit uses an auditory modality for thought capture and therefore gives no reason for the driver to take his or her attention away from the task of driving; a separate set of Heavy Vehicle Specific Alerts are also part of the system. The fully portable or hard-wired units also have a fatigue alert function.

Although our standard roadside solar-powered transmitter is message defined each may be fitted with an optional feature; a low-cost subsystem with the ability to alter their message code to send out geo-specific alert broadcasts to drivers in the event or threat of any type of disaster eg. Bushfire, flood, terrorism, tsunami etc.
The applications of our product are limited only by ones imagination.
A cure-all solution is way too futuristic
We as a community cannot afford to wait any longer for one to emerge.
We must attempt to reduce the loss of life and serious injury happening on our roads
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